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EDEN HORSE Website launched🏇

Are you ready to start your journey along with 1st Generation Dam NFT public sale coming soon?



 EDEN HORSE Website : https://edenhorse.net

 EDEN HORSE Discord : https://discord.com/invite/kch7PqDTAq




EDEN HORSE is an NFT crypto horse racing project that based on real racehorse




Starting with VIP Pre-sale of 300 1st Generation Dam NFTs (3 families) for Eden Loop Holders,

the total distribution volume in year 2023 will be 1200 1st Generation Dam NFTs (12 families) around end of March.

1200 2nd Generation Racehorse NFT, derived from the 1st Generation Dam NFT and breedin determined by 1st Generation Dam NFT family's DAO system will be on sale from mid-April.

Pony can be acquired via in-game payments and events. Pony is a game asset, not an NFT.

GOG NFT, acquired via Discord event, will be minted along with the 1st Generation Dam NFT.

Our Discord Server has been launched on February 6, and our fam (ELT holders, players, families) will decide which sire and which racehorse to race, League upgrade tournament etc.




The tournament settings of EDEN HORSE can be modified in real time depending on the player's choice.

There are 3 types of surface and weather, 4 types of stadiums to be selected.

:white_check_mark: Surface: dirt, digital, and grass

:white_check_mark: Weather: rainy, fog, and sunny.

:white_check_mark: Distance: 1200m, 1400m, 1600m, and 1800m (according to each tendency of racehorse)

The combination of surface, weather and distance will create a variety of tournament settings,

bringing players unpredictable experience and fun.



Pre-league, off, G3, G2, and G1 will be upgraded and demoted through each league.

Through this level system, each racehorse can participate in the leagues,

and prize money will also be determined depending on the player's betting.

Players may participate in each league.



A total of 16 racehorses (16 players) will race in EDEN HORSE.

Racing will be conducted in real time and by reservation matching,

and the stadium will be determined through the DAO system.

The player will earn reward for predicting and betting on the result of the race,

and the racehorse owners will receive prize money for the race.

1st Generation Dam receives the prize money of the racehorse through NFT license.

Racehorse owners can receive reward based on the in-game tier system through various characters (jockeys).



 User Flowchart

Based on the virtuous cycle structure of ELT Utility Token, each user involved in the ecosystem will receive fair payout according to the level of involvement. Regular players bet on horse racing tournaments by purchasing tickets with ELT and earn dividends. NFT racehorse owners or horse owners can participate in the race, as well as engage in various economic activities in their families. In other words, the player and the horse owners coexist.

The stallion owners may breed with other dams and new generation foal will be born, and will be rewarded with license fee (in ELT) for breeding. Mare NFT owners will be rewarded payout based on racehorse production sales and racing.

EDEN HORSE is different from the other horse racing projects as we DAO based, tournament settings (weather, track surface etc) will be decided by our fam

Pre-tournament using Pony racehorse will be held in the PRE-OFF season, and not usual racehorse, is designed specifically for horse racing beginners or Crypto Newbies.

Users may purchase pari-mutuel tickets using ETH or ELT, and for other assets using EELT (Eden Loop Utility Token) or pari-mutuel tickets. EELT is a utility token used on the Eden Loop platform, and EDEN HORSE tournaments will be displayed exactly like the actual ones, hence anyone can easily enjoy and watch actual horse racing tournaments and stand a chance to be level-up to race in OFF season depending on their efforts.

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